{Emma Loo Update} Fall Beach Weekend!

Here’s a little lovely sneaky peek at my past weekend spent at the wonderful Carolina coast!  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, greater company, a more splendid time, or a great cause to get together!  It was the third annual Luther Golf Memorial Weekend, a big weekend where the men play golf and the women do what women do best…SHOP!  Yes, what a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends!  We had a great time just hanging out, playing and singing to the guitar, pigging out on delicious foods, and having a great time remembering not just one great man-but two.  This year we celebrated the lives of both my dad, and Wayne Jones, a super close family friend of ours who lost his battle with cancer this past summer.  It was a bittersweet weekend, of course-but it was great to get caught up with friends and family and “recharge” from the hustle and bustle from the last couple of weeks!

Savannah and I got to play all weekend too!  We had such a great time together!  I even took her out on the beach one early evening and snap a couple of pictures of her! She loves being in front of Aunt Emmy’s camera, she really does! And goodness, is she such a HAM!  She loves posing and being silly…I have taught her well!


Let’s go out on an up{date}…

Hey folks!

Sorry that this girl has been a little MIA for a while. It seems like time really and truly just does get away from me! I’ve been a pretty busy girl though lately! I love the fall time, you know those few days just before Halloween-when everything is getting colder, leaves are changing colors, and it seems like there are pumpkins just around every corner…I love the fall-but sadly, it’s the time when I’m the most busiest {well, besides the Christmas season, of course! But I love that too!} So I’ve decided I wanted to do a little bit of catching up with you through pictures {what better way, right?!}

So here’s my life lately and the reasons why I’ve been a little MIA in the past few days! I hope you do accept my apology, and I will promise to try to never go that long again!

Enjoy! Love & Missed You!

-xo, Emma Loo


I received the sweetest, sweetest thank-you letter from a bride of mine…oh! It made my day!


My friend from work, Ellen & I watching the Mint Hill Maddness parade!

20121105-195109.jpgMy Roommate Grace doing her thing!


Celebrating Lindsay’s last couple of days here in Asheboro! She left for Birmingham for internship!


Getting flowers is always nice!


I have been the sickest little girl on the planet for the past month of October! So glad I’m feeling a {little} better!!


Shot this wedding {again, while I was sick!!} Aren’t those boots precious?!


Driving around my hometown of Mint Hill is so so pretty during the fall!


One of my best girlfriends from high school got married October 13th! I was so happy for her!! 🙂 20121105-195438.jpg

I’m becoming quite the cook around here!


Lots and lots of Senior Portraits this year! Phew! This was me while on one of the senior sessions!



Yes, I did this one night just before Halloween! This is in Greensboro-it was pretty crazy-scary!


Yum! Potatoes and bacon, what could be better?!


School has me shooting all day, everyday! It’s crazy-but I love it!


Making dinner one night for my family! They loved it! {And surprisingly…nobody got sick afterwards!}

20121105-195910.jpgMy ever-so creative pumpkin! I super glued Crayola Crayons to the top of a painted white pumpkin, and then used a heat gun to melt them down the sides! It turned out really awesome! {I won the “Martha Stewart” award at our family annual pumpkin carving contest!}

20121105-214144.jpgI finally got up into the attic and pulled down my old dollhouse for my niece to play with! She had a blast!!

20121105-214248.jpgI did my first pin-up shoot the other day! This is just a simple little outtake from the session! We had SO much fun!!

20121105-214308.jpgI don’t know about you-but I love wearing high heels! 🙂

20121105-214321.jpgWorking on video and audio tracks in my new multimedia class-love it! {Not.}

20121105-214338.jpgHalloween! I was a German Beer Maid. Yes. The night was a success!

20121105-214350.jpgI voted! 🙂

20121105-214414.jpg“Pinning” my life away! Finding new recipes and such to try out! Loving Pinterest!!




oh {baby!}

Here’s a little snippet of what I’m working on right now.  My friends Sue & Tom brought this adorable little boy into the world and I couldn’t be more happy for these two!  They are sure going to make wonderful parents {heck! They already are!} and I can’t wait to watch little John grow up!  Isn’t he precious?!


xo, Emma Loo

banner {bliss}

It’s crafty time in the Emma Loo household!  Yes, that’s right-craft time! Who doesn’t like craft time?  In fact, when I was in kindergarten, that was my second favorite activity, right behind nap time!  So I decided that my ever-so adorable room in my apartment needed a little pick me up!  I’ve turned over a new leaf in my bedroom-I got new bedding {a snuggly over-sized white down comforter with a cream colored linen blanket, and white egyptian cotton sheets. Yes. It’s a dream come true for this girl} Top off the bed with one of my favorite quilts from my great-grandma’s collection, then I’ve got myself an adorable new little space of my own! I absolutely love it.  However, I sensed something was missing! I decided to make a little banner to hang over my bed.  Of course I wanted to incorporate {bliss} in the banner somewhere-but I thought just a simple {bliss} would be kind of boring and not be big enough to cover the corner of my bed.  So I decided to go with a banner that says “dream of bliss”.  I think it fits well, especially hanging over my oh-so adorable new bed.  Here’s what the new banner looks like:

Isn’t it adorable?! Yup, that’s my little happy place right there!  Doesn’t it just look inviting? {Ok, well, maybe a little bit messy-but oh well!} Since being on my own, I’ve learned that you must make your space, especially your bedroom a “stress-free” zone.  So here are some ways that I have kept my room {and my life} a little more stress-free.

1. Say “bye-bye” to clutter: Put everything in it’s place.  Don’t just shove things around until it’s hidden.  If something is out, put it away-and in it’s rightful place.  For me, clutter is a disorganized life, and disorganization isn’t very successful. So have a place for everything and put everything in it’s place.

2. “I love lamp”: It’s time to turn off those ugly overhead lights and turn on that lovely lamp on your bedside table.  Splurge and buy a cute lamp to have by your bed, one or two on your dresser, and possibly a floor lamp. Turn on those lamps and turn off the overhead lighting.  Ambient lighting that comes from lamps are so much more relaxing then those ugly ceiling lights!

3. Light a candle: Have a candle {or more!} and a lighter handy. Whenever you get home-light that lovely thing and let the smell of the candle spread throughout the room!  You’ll be surprised how immediately cozy a candle can make you feel.  Check out aromatherapy candles like the kind that Bath & Body Works makes.  I use my Eucalyptus Mint candle all the time, and apparently it’s supposed to help with stress relief.  Don’t just stop in the bedroom-light candles all around your house and have the scents match with the seasons!  Right now I’m burning a caramel pumpkin latte candle and a pumpkin cupcake candle in my living room and kitchen.  {All can be found at Bath & Body Works!}

4. Spray your sheets:  Yes, although it might sound useless-spray a sheet & pillow mist on your bedding.   I just recently bought the Sleep-Lavendar Chamomile Pillow mist from the Aromatherapy Collection at Bath & Body Works and I. LOVE. IT.  I spray it on every night before I go to bed, and really it works! When I lay down, I instantly become relaxed, and I’m immediately calmed before I fall asleep!  You should give it a try! It’s worth the shot!

OK…so here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own banner like mine! It’s really simple!  All you’ll need is a few things!

-a roll of burlap {I went to Micheal’s and bought a burlap table runner-with a 40% off coupon might I add!}

-3 spools of ribbon of any color {I used cream to match, and I bought a basic thin grosgrain ribbon and then a think 1” gauzy-like ribbon in cream as well. It really just depends on the look you’re going for.  I wanted more of a vintage look to my banner-but shop around! Find that perfect ribbon!}

-Glue gun, cream acrylic paint {or any color to match your ribbon choice}, nails or tacks, newspaper

Step One: Cut out the triangles for the pennants on the banner.  I just did these free handed-I think the more difference the better!  Try to make them all the same size though! Depending on what you’re writing, you should have a lot of burlap left over! {Yay! More projects!}

Step Two: Paint your letters on the burlap triangles.  I did many coats of paint because I was afraid that the letters wouldn’t show up!  Do as many coats as you’d wish-just make sure they dry completely before going onto the next step!

Step Three: After you’ve painted all of the letters onto the pennants {and allowed for enough drying time!} Now it’s time to glue the pennants together! I simply unrolled the smaller grosgrain ribbon and used hot glue to glue the tops of the pennants to the ribbon.  Not a ton of glue was used and the pennants are very well secured to the ribbon.  Make sure you space the pennants out a little in between each letter.

Step Four: After you’ve glued the pennants to the smaller ribbon, now it’s time to attach the thicker ribbon to the ends of the banner.  I just hot glued many strands to the ends of the banners until I felt like it was enough.  {This was my favorite part!}

Step Five: Keep adding as much ribbon as your little heart desires!  After you’ve added the ribbon, now it’s time to hang it! Take small nails or clear thumb tacks to pin into your desired wall or ceiling.  I would suggest hanging these loosely and free-you don’t have to make it stiff straight across your wall-the looser the banner-the better!

Step Six: Enjoy adorableness!

Hope you enjoy craft time! Let me know how it all turns out!  Good luck!

{P.S-Here’s some loveliness from my room! Enjoy!}

{This little lovely is my bracelet holder…I spent $3 at IKEA for this thing and it’s awesome for holding bracelets! I have another smaller one for sunglasses, and another one for rings!}

my family. {my bliss}.

This past summer {when I had all the time in the world, right?…ahhhaha!} I was blessed to visit the beach and hang out with my family, and of course we took some pictures over the weekend!  It was awesome! This is just one of the many reasons why I absolutely love photography-because a single image has the power to strengthen a relationship {and in this case-a family bond.}

During that weekend, the weather wasn’t really cooperating with us, so we were all afraid that we wouldn’t be able to take the family pictures like we had originally planned.  However, in between thunderstorms, the clouds cleared and the sun came out for about an hour.  We rushed to the beach, and took all of these.  I’m so happy that I could be a part of this wonderful family!  I’m so grateful that all of these beautiful people are in my life!

Hope you enjoy a little look-see into my family life!  Aren’t they awesome!?

xo, emma loo

country love. {country bride}.

Here’s a couple images from this past week’s assignment-an on location bridal portrait.  I used my roommate/bestie Grace as a model, and didn’t she look gorgeous in that dress {which was WAY too big for her, by the way!}  My assignment was to shoot a bridal portrait for a bride with unlimited amount of money to spend, she liked being by the water and loved older architecture, and the mother-of-the-bride liked the natural setting…so I had to fit both of their desires!  I decided to have this session in an open field, out at an old covered bridge, and in a creek.  {That’s right, I said IN a creek! & Yes, I made Grace get into a creek-dress and all. It. Was. Fantastic.}

So, I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images from this assignment!

With {bliss}

xo, emma loo


For one assignment this week for my Wedding Photography class, I had to photograph a bride and shoot a bridal portrait.  Here’s the stipulations: The bride had an unlimited amount of money to spend.  I had to research and find inspiration from magazines/books/catalogues/etc. and go for a specific theme/look.  We had to get five different kinds of shots {a headshot, a 3/4 shot, a full length, a back of the dress shot, and a shot of photographer’s choice}.

Well, let’s just say that I bent the rules just a tad.

Ok, so here we go:

I feel that today’s bride isn’t going for the type of bridal portrait that their mother’s had hanging on the walls {you know what I’m talking about-Big 80’s hair, puffy sleeves, cheesy painted backdrop wall…all that} Yes, I think that today’s bride is all about being themselves, showing a little bit of attitude, a lot of sex-appeal, while still maintaining the beautiful, flawless, and classic look for their bridal portrait.  I also think that with all the other stresses that planning a wedding can give to a bride, having fun in front of the camera, being sexy and beautiful in her wedding gown, and making lasting memories of the preparation of the wedding day is what is most important to the bride.

So I asked Lindsay to model for me. Lindsay-my client/bride.  She has a bohemian/edgy/rocker/free-spirited/fun personality and I knew that I wanted to show that in these bridal portraits.  Since she is so different and edgy, I wanted to make sure that her dress and her style stood out among the other brides.  We went for a classic tulle dress, covered with a grey embellished sweater.  The sweater was a bit of a new-aged stretch, but I think it worked.  We had her in all sorts of poses and positions, and at the end of the day we had a ton to work with!

I know it’s not traditional, but it was defiantly out of my comfort zone.  I’m not too comfortable working in the studio just yet…but we got in there and just played around and had an amazing time…and I think the end results are awesome! To me, building relationships and having fun with the client is what it’s all about.  Every time I would shoot an amazing shot of Lindsay, I would show her the back of my camera and she and I would flip out!  We were loving it!  At the end of the day, Lindsay told me she would defiantly buy one of the photos and hang it on her walls one day!  So, that’s the end result right?  We want a bridal portrait that we can hang on the wall one day, just like our mom…right?  Well, if that’s the case-then mission: accomplished.

Enjoy these next few photos of my gorgeous bride/model Lindsay!


Emma Loo

rain, rain {don’t} go away…

Don’t you just love it when it’s a rainy day?  I’m talking about the heavy rain that you wake up to in the morning, and the kind of rainy day where you just want to lay in bed all day and snuggle up with a cup of hot tea and a good book with the windows open and the sound of every drop hitting the window sill…yes, that kind of rainy days.  I just adore those.  Living in the south, I’m accustomed to about every type of weather out there-but rainy days have got to be my favorite.  They don’t happen too much, or too often {well, knock on wood…} but when they do appear, it’s that lovely southern summer rain that’ll make you want to run around with rain boots and jump into every puddle.  The past few days have been pretty rainy around here, but it’s been a nice break from all of the sunshine and hot weather we have been having lately.  So of course, I took full advantage of putting on my polka-dotted rain boots, fixing grilled cheese sandwiches and french onion soup, and of course-playing in the rain.  {Sadly, the snuggle session and the hot tea wasn’t on my agenda for the rainy day this time…school all day long took up most of my time. 😦 }

Take the time to enjoy the rainy days and make the most of them…find the beauty in the raindrops. They’re perfect in their own little wet way.



Emma Loo